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It’s Easter – A time to celebrate and reflect

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all.

Easter is a special occasion and also marks the season of Spring, the exchanging of easter eggs, hampers and enjoyable family get-togethers (where this year we will have to follow social distancing guidelines of course). The most mysterious part of this particular spring holiday is that the exact correct date of Easter is unknown and changes every year.  So, when is Easter? There has been different claims regarding how it changes in accordance to the moon and the Jewish calendar. But what remains true is that this season is meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The non-religious side regarding Easter

There is still a debate from both the religious and non-religious sides. The history of Easter is that it was a pagan festival, and recent and traditional symbols indicate the non-religious side of this celebration. Most holidays are commercialised, and the Easter holiday is no different with the sale of Easter eggs, bunny products, hampers, plus its symbols and gift-giving.

Easter bunny and hamper gifts

Easter bunny, Easter Chocolate eggs and Easter Hamper

Easter is not complete without giving easter eggs, chocolate bunnies or easter hampers filled with colourful eggs and confectioneries to the kids, our friends and family.

The Easter bunny has always been a symbol of the Easter holiday and signifies the time Anglo-Saxons worshipped the goddess called Eostre who was a symbol of a rabbit.

Fun things to do around Easter

Easter Egg Hunt and colourful easter eggs in basket

There are so many enjoyable family-fun type activities to get involved in around Easter which create fond memories. It is a great time for playful activities with the kids such as designing and colouring eggs. And also hiding mini chocolate eggs around the house, in the garden, or the local park, and then the entertaining task to find all the eggs.  It is this kind of happiness families get from the famous Easter Egg Hunt which brings about beautiful family bonding time, and not forgetting eating the delicious sweet brown eggs that have been found!

The Ultimate Chocolate Hamper for Easter

Why not try this amazing chocolate hamper over the Easter holidays which comes in a large wicker basket filled with a humungous variety of all the popular favourites from Cadbury’s and many others.

Easter hamper with humungous variety of chocolates

Click on the link for more details: http://bit.ly/2Pf8HtE

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter.

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